Posted by: savvyatlanta | July 30, 2008

Oh How I love IKEA and friends!

My new house in the Highlands

My new house in the Highlands

This weekend Brian (my fiance) moved into our new house. His collection of furniture consisted of a bed, tv, and bookshelf. Needless to say, our cute little 1400 square ft house in the Highlands still looked like a college frat house. We decided to shop at IKEA to at least find a coffee table to eat our meals. What we did find was much much more. IKEA is amazing. Not only for furniture, but for decorations, knick knacks, outdoor furniture. We bought a table, chairs, pots for our plants, wall art, bookshelf, etc for under $400. So Ikea was great, but I will caution…if you fill up your entire house with Ikea, it will start to show. This is where the friends come in. We asked around-family, friends, friends of family-and turns out….they offered an entire storage room full of goods we could borrow until we have the money for our own furniture. (a couch, coffee table, lamps, rugs). We then bought pillows and wall art to tie in the colors. Bottom line: Work with the colors , ask your friends, and VISIT Ikea.

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