Speaking ATLien…

For those of you who are new to the Big ATL, we thought we’d help you out and give you a glossary of some common Atlanta terms.  Let us know if you disagree or any other term we can help you out with.

  • The Perimeter– I-285; also Perimeter Mall near Dunwoody
  • OTP – Outside the Perimeter; anything outside of I-285
  • ITP – Yep, you guessed it; Inside the Perimeter; anything inside of I-285
  • Spaghetti Junction – Where I-85 N and I-285 connect
  • The Connector – Where I-75 and I-85 connect and run through the city
  • Disco Kroger-The Kroger on Piedmont (near Peachtree); it used to be next to a club way back in the day
  • Ghetto Kroger– The Kroger on Howell Mill next to the new Wal-Mart
  • ATLien– The second album from Outkast
  • The Ted – Turner Field
  • The Bravos – The Braves
  • The Dirty Triangle– also call the Dirty Tripod; 3 bars in close proximity of each other: Moon Dogs, Hole in the Wall and Peachtree Tavern
  • Buckhead Backlot– Now Fork and Screen; a movie theater in Buckhead where they serve food and drink
  • Jesus Junction– Area between Peachtree and West Wesley where there are a ton of churches
  • Buckhead Betty– Wives of wealthy men who have time to “lunch” at Cafe at Pharr or “lunch” in general; usually come with strollers and large engagement rings
  • Chambodia– Chamblee; an ethnic part of town
  • Ponce-stitutes – Pretty self-explanatory; Ponce de Leon can be a questionable street at times

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