Rachel, Tina, Brittney and Shandin

Rachel, Tina, Brittney and Shandin

At Savvy Atlanta we’re all about showing you how to live all aspects of a fabulous life, from being stylish, fit, and trendy to being environmentally conscious, cultured and well-informed of what’s going on in and around your life and ours. Naturally, most of our topics are locally focused, but some of our subjects have no geographic boundaries…for the benefit and enjoyment of our far-off friends.

We’ll dispense advice, tricks and tips about cheap (and not so cheap) thrills, give opinions on all things we have opinions about (which is a lot) and let you know what we feel what’s worth investing in, with both your time and money.

What makes us the experts? We live it every day…

Rachel: A Nashville native with food on the brain, looking for ways to get the most out of life

Tina: A native Floridian, your shoestring budget retail therapist

Brittney: Born and raised in ATL – yes, there is one left! Beer and wine connoisseur, travel obsessed, and wife in training

Shandin: A native Ohioan who calls Sephora her second home


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