Posted by: savvyatlanta | July 30, 2008

Shopping anxiety anyone?

So, if you are a makeup fiend like me, a store like Sephora is similar to crack (in a good way). However, it can be overwhelming and I swear I sometimes need a vanilla latte in order to manage the hyper stimulus. Your brain starts flooding with questions like: What brand is best for me? What products does each brand make? Do I need to use all products from the same brand?It sounds a bit neurotic, but if you are going to invest in good products you want them to be perfect! There is nothing worse than throwing away a relatively expensive product in the trash with little to no use.

If this shopping anxiety sounds at all familiar, try this new approach:combination sets. Several lines that offer this include Smashbox (Try Me), Benefit (Realness of Concealness), Lorac (Bronzed Beauty Set), Stila (Best of Stila Gift of Glamour) and Cargo (Bronzing Kit). This way, you can take the brand out for a “test drive” for a fraction of what all the items would cost separately. Sephora even puts multiple brands together for easy comparison (Lash Stash).

During the holiday season, look for the fragrance sampler. 1. Buy the set 2. Try them all 3. Pick your favorite 4. Take the redemption card in-store to get a full size bottle of your selection – all for $50 and the set includes several of their best selling ones too!

Final Tip: Get on Sephora’s e-newsletter list. Sometimes they have a themed bag of samples free with purchase. I just got one for eyes including creme (fine lines and dark circles), glitter, concealer and brow tint.

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