Posted by: savvyatlanta | July 30, 2008

Mother Nature Network

The AJC reported today that the keyboardist from the Rolling Stones, Chuck Leavell, and a local Atlanta ad man, Joel Babbit, are teaming up to create the Mother Nature Network (MNN), a website that will be dedicated to all things green. Launching in October, the founders of the MNN see the website:

“As an environmental news and information service geared toward the average Joe”

Which is fabulous for people such as myself who want to do their part but are not completely sure how to. Hopefully, this website will fill the gaps that the other “green” websites leave behind. Their unique spin to MNN is to report on both industry news and ways to individually help out.

As Babbit best put it:

We’re planning to report on global warming, but also focus on things people can do on a daily basis to improve the world. You may read about a glacier melting and feel helpless. But anybody can pick up litter and keep rivers cleaner.

Here’s to hoping they succeed.

Full Article on MNN

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